Who can Participate in this Fair Profile of Exhibitors

The expo will feature main aspects that needed to settle up a smart city includes: Smart Energy, Smart Construction, Smart Water, Smart Transport, Smart Technology, Smart Living etc.

Smart Energy
Renewable Energy; clean energy; solar energy; LPG, Gas gen; Smart Grid Technologies; Solar LED’s, Solar & wind energy storage, Smart Power & Energy etc.

Smart Water
Water harvesting; Water purification and treatment; Water saving devices; Water pollution monitoring; Water management systems; Water utilities; Wastewater management; Waste treatment and equipment etc.

Smart Technology
Sustainable Resource Management; Communication Infrastructure; Mobile Apps; ICT Infrastructure; Social Network; Security & Surveillance; Digital Banking System; Electronic Devices; Ecommerce; Online Store, Data Management; Smart device, Smart Payment etc.

Smart Construction
Building Materials; Construction Companies; Construction Equipment & Tools; Steel Building & Metal Structure; Earthquake and disaster management; Elevators / escalators / autowalks; Fire & Safety; Flooring/Floor Systems; Paints and wall finishes; Smart / Green buildings; Smart Lighting; Toilets & sanitation; Waste Management; improved indoor air quality; etc.

Urban Planning
City planners / architects / buildings / skywalks / walkways / cycle tracks / BRTs / parks / play-grounds / hospitals / educational institutions / street lighting, etc.

Smart Living
Home Controllers; Sensors; Smart Lighting; Home Appliance; Smart Locks, Door & Window; urniture; Smart Climate Controls, Smart Accessories etc.

Smart Transport
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles; Alternative Fuels Vehicles; Connected / Autonomous Vehicles; Public Transportation; Traffic Control Rooms; Smart Parking; Intelligent Transport Systems; Autonomous vehicles; Aviation, Ride Sharing  etc.

Sustainable Environment
Air, land and water pollution controls; Water and waste water management; Solar applications; Battery recycling; Air pollution control; Green buildings; Waste management / recycling etc.

Smart Health

Smart Education

Smart Governance