General Terms & Condition

  1. Application for participation is to be made on Expo Application Form. Acceptance of participation & exhibits will be at the sole discretion of organizer by signing this form, the Exhibitor / Company agrees to all Terms & Conditions of ‘Redcarpet365 Limited’ and any other supplementary Terms issued later.
  2. 100% payment needed to be done while securing the Booth / Space by signing the expo form.
  3. Sub-letting of Booths is not allowed.
  4. Any special design of bare / raw space must be needed to be approved by the organizer before implementation.
  5. Booth / Stall / Space will be available on First Come First Serve basis.
  6. 10% Extra charge for corner booths. 
  7. Work of construction of Stand/Stall, Decoration, Cargo handling can be availed by the participants only from those contractors who are registered with the Organizer. Please obtain necessary permission from organizer office. No other Contractors will be entertained. Organizer reserves the right to levy & recover penalty from the Exhibitor in case of any damages to the Exhibition Area.
  8. Once completed/ signed Application form & Stall / Booth charges are received, no refund requests will be allowed.
  9. In the event of violation of the above rules or any other rules specified by ‘Redcarpet365 Limited’ including any activity amounting to nuisance or annoyance to the exhibition by any Exhibitor, ‘Redcarpet365 Limited’ will have the right to take remedial action against that  Booth / Company and to close down the booth of  the participant, if necessary.
  10. The decision of ‘Redcarpet365 Limited’ or their nominee will be final and binding on the participants on the interpretation of rules & regulations.
  11. Only registered / Signed Company by which name expo form has been filled up can be at their designated stall & keep products, products of other companies on the same booth will not be entertained.

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