Why Participate ?? Why Bangladesh ?? Why Now ??

  • In Bangladesh, there are more than 7500 printing press among of them 3,000 in Dhaka.
  • Bangladesh export Printing product to countries like USA, Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
  • Almost 2000 printing houses are capable of competing with foreign printing houses.
  • The current market size of the printing industry is over 3000 crores and out of which 156 crores is export oriented.
  • More than 0.4 million people are engaged in this sector.
  • The future of digital textile printing to 2021 confirms that this industry segment will continue to see double digit strong growth across the 2016-2021 periods.
  • A total of 870 million square meters of fabric were printed on digital equipment in 2016 and was worth US $1.29 billion.
  • Garments Accessories & Packaging Industry of Bangladesh earned valuable foreign exchange of US$ 6.70 billion during the financial year 2016-17.